Accessibility to Hotel WiFi Solutions

Is your network supporting or hindering innovation and productivity at your property?

Efficient, reliable networks are the backbone of business success today. By making appropriate investments in your network, your hotel can help maximize effectiveness and productivity.

To implement an efficient network solution — one that helps your hotel grow, rather than impedes its progress — it’s important to evaluate your circumstances. What is the size of your staff? Will your wireless network meet guest expectations? How can you provide the best experience for your hotel guests? Discover how Enterprise Fiber was designed to help you thrive in the hospitality industry.

Building a better network

To implement an efficient network — one that helps your hotel grow, rather than impedes its progress — ask these four questions.

1. What is the size of your IT network staff___is it a small team or is there no IT staff at all?

Some hotels rely on large IT teams to manage their networks. Others have no IT team at all; instead, staff without IT expertise play “jack of all trades” and manage the network. There are also others who have no in-house IT expertise but depend on the services of IT vendors and consultants.

There are factors to consider with each model. Small IT teams may be overburdened with a range of day-to-day user, hardware, software and network maintenance issues. They often lack the time to keep up with long-term IT planning needs as they balance increasing demands by users for support of new network-centric applications with the need to maintain network reliability. When staff with other functional job responsibilities are asked to step in and manage IT functions with limited training and experience, key tasks may fall between the cracks. Finally, IT vendors and consultants can typically provide some, but not all, of the help needed to support the mounting and complex IT needs of hotels.

Outsourcing day-to-day network management to a service provider ensures that the expertise and assistance your hotel needs is always at hand. You gain 24/7/365 access to network management experts while freeing up your internal IT budget.

2. Is your Wifi network reliable enough to serve both guests and staff?

Increased dependence on connectivity means performance management and network reliability are crucial. Inadequate bandwidth, high latency, downtime, and overloaded networks can frustrate both guests and staff. Without a reliable, fast network, staff can’t get their jobs done. Without reliable, fast connectivity, guests could become frustrated, affecting occupancy rates, loyalty, and revenue. Partnering with a managed network services provider will offer your property:

  • A secure and high-performing Internet connection backed by 24/7/365 monitoring and management to help ensure guests enjoy rapid and reliable connectivity and your staff remains productive
  • A scalable solution that enables you to rapidly add bandwidth to support your needs
  • An optimized network that serves both guests and staff without draining your IT team’s time and resources

  • 3. Is your network adequately protected against security threats?

    Data breaches and viruses shake guest confidence, hurt the reputation of your property, and cost your hotel in fines and time. Keeping up to date with the latest security developments is especially challenging for hoteliers. Lean IT teams or staff who are doing double duty as network managers often lack the time and expertise to stay abreast of the latest security updates and are unable to protect against risks in a timely manner.

    Outsourcing to a provider of end-to-end network security services takes security headaches off your hands. For example, a managed unified threat management (UTM) solution is an attractive option that can integrate a range of security capabilities. These may include an advanced firewall, antivirus/ antispam tools, intrusion prevention, and detection, content filtering, virtual private networking (VPN), vulnerability management, and advanced security reporting capabilities.

    4. Do network maintenance issues force your hotel to be reactive rather than proactive?

    If your IT staff spends the majority of its time dealing with day-to-day operations and maintenance, it has little time left to focus on the kind of long-term network planning that is essential for innovation and competitive differentiation.

    By offloading day-to-day network duties to an experienced provider of managed network services, you’re able to free up your in-house IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives.

    Creating a hotel network to support innovation

    By asking these four crucial questions, you can take advantage of the right type of managed services for your property. Save time and money,
    enhanceyour network’s reliability and security, and work to increase staff productivity.

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