Streaming Video Solutions for Education Institutions

Improve the experience of your student body with a comprehensive campus solution for streaming videos

In the race to attract the best students, universities and colleges nationwide will need tools and platforms that entice digital natives who have been using computers, tablets and the Internet from an early age.

Today, nearly 71% of TV and movie viewing is now taking place online, presenting a huge demand for fast internet for streaming.

Amount of Students Interested Watching TV Exclusively Online

Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Not Interested At All

Top Reasons Your School Needs Enterprise Fiber

Forward-thinking higher education institutions are using streaming video to improve the student experience and stay competitive in today’s educational environment. Here are the top reasons why a video streaming service is moving from a nice-to-have perk to a necessity on campus.

Reason #1: College Students Prefer Streaming Content

With today’s students more likely to tune into entertainment on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones you can be sure they’ll be looking for a college that gives them the same or better content viewing experience than they’re used to having at home. Students also want choice and control— something that they can get from a dedicated campus streaming solution that lets them watch their favorite shows at any time from anywhere.

Reason #2: Competition Among Colleges is Increasing

Institutions are battling each other to attract students. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, fewer students are either able or willing to pay the price

Institutions can set themselves apart by providing streaming video technology for a videoexperience to inform and entertain students in their dorms, classrooms, and common areas.

Reason #3: Experience is a Key for Recruitment and Retention

The most successful institutions take a proactive approach in shaping student life on campus. Real-time access to streaming video is an effective way to use technology to optimize the student experience.

We know college students are mobile, moving from dorms to classrooms to common areas on campus throughout the day and night. With more WiFi-enabled devices making their way onto campus, those expectation levels are growing. Schools that deliver video programming that students want will enhance the overall satisfaction of students.

Reason #4: Streaming Video is Easy to Set Up and Roll Out

Online streaming solutions can be activated easily and affordably. Compared to options that may require the installation of intrusive systems, the tearing out of walls, or the complete revamping of an existing platform, streaming video services are delivered wirelessly over an IP connection with no additional wiring or equipment required.

Students can simply log in to watch their favorite shows and movies. Additionally, schools also don’t have to worry about any ongoing maintenance, storage, or cooling requirements — or coax wiring or rewiring.

Meet the Demand for Streaming Video with Enterprise U

Whether looking to recruit top students, appeal to young adults craving video content, or find a better way to deliver entertainment content across campus, consider our online streaming software. With the majority of students today primarily watching content on their computers or mobile devices, a streaming video solution provides institutions a distinct advantage.

Enterprise offers an advanced video streaming solution, named Enterprise U. — With our enterprise fiber service, you can engage students through a wide variety of live TV, sports, music, premium channels, and on-demand content. Enterprise U provides the channels students want in a choice of programming packages to best meet higher education institutions’ needs. This solution features an interactive guide with keyword searches, filters, and sorting, in addition to the ability to create a personalized guide menu.

Our highly flexible solution requires no on-premises or in-room equipment to purchase or maintain. Delivered to iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, and Roku devices over an IP connection, Enterprise U lets colleges and universities entertain students in new ways by offering them video content they need.

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